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 At Float Baby, infants as young as 2 weeks- 6 months old (and 20 lbs. max) can benefit from our classes. We offer unique water exercise & infant massage instruction.  Parents enjoy an activity with their newborn in a relaxed social environment. 

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Combining the benefits of both water therapy and neonatal massage for infants and their families

Floating isn’t swimming, Floating is FREEDOM

Babies sleep better and eat more after a session (Babies float in individual tubs. This photo is for advertising purposes)

Come socialize with other mommies, complimentary coffee, soda & water

Floating relieves gas, constipation and digestion issues, eases colic symptoms




  • My wife took my daughter today and she says it was a great experience. I missed it due to work, but I will be recommending it to everyone.

    Dad, 3 mo

  • I asked my pediatrician about Float Baby and he said that the Float Baby water program will allow muscles to be used that aren't otherwise exercised before crawling.

    Mom, 8 weeks

  • Our son was colicky and did not sleep well. We found our float baby sessions immensely helpful in helping him feel less fussy and sleep better. I also found it nice to be with the other moms during this time. As we learned different massage techniques (that we still use today and our son is one), we could ask each other questions and give/get advice from people going through the same situations.

    Rhia, Mom of 4 month old

  • Lily not only had fun today, she has taken the best nap ever!

    Mom, 4 Months

  • We absolutely loved the idea of engaging our baby in novel stimulation that encourages independence and discovery. Your insight into what makes babies smile (and tired) is exceptional! Although Luke only played in the float for a little while, the engaging massage and encounter with friends left him ready for a nice long nap. Wish you best in your adventure~ we hope to be back soon!

    Sophia & Jared, MOM OF 3 MONTH OLD

  • She is crawling already, 1 month earlier than my older daughter and 2 months earlier than my son. Maybe the water exposure had an effect? Anyway, she's on the move early!

    Becca, Mom of 6 Month Old

  • I just want to thank Float Baby for helping with the development of my Baby Gavin. My husband and I noticed that Gavin was not sitting up or crawling like some babies that were born in the same time frame. We were concerned and researched Float Baby. We learned that Float Baby would help with muscular strength and cognitive development. Gavin went to Float Baby for several sessions and had great improvement each time. Now Gavin is almost 1 year old and just about to take his first steps!! Thank you Kristi! Float Baby was a lifesaver!!

    Kathy, 6 months

  • I sought out Float Baby as a remedy for my daughter's tummy problems (crankiness, gassiness, constipation, etc.). And her relief from these was almost immediate! I stayed at Float Baby because there were so many additional benefits~ socialization with other babies, independence of movement before she learned to crawl, "mommy (or daddy) and me time", and most important, she enjoyed her time there!

    Mandy, Mom of 4 month old

  • Best part of our visit, her calming massage of course!

    Veronica, 3 mo

  • Ashley took the longest nap today after floating... 3 hours!!

    Helen, Mom of 4 month old

  • Baby Conrad loved his experience today! He was absolutely content during his time in the water. It made my heart happy knowing the positive stimulation he was receiving. This is especially great for muscular and neurological development!

    Rachel, 4 Months

  • As a new mom I want to provide my little one with all the necessary tools to develop and grow as best he can. When my sister showed me this method I thought it was cute to see babies float like that. But after reading the benefits I had to try it out. Both my husband and I left pleased and wanting to go back! Of course our baby boy is too. He left so relaxed and I noticed he cried less that night. Thank you so much for providing us parents with this method to help our little ones grow strong and healthy!

    Noemi, Mom of 2 month old

  • Thank you for a wonderful class. Our little one would not stop "talking" about his adventure when he arrived home.

    Isabel, 2 mo

  • Charlotte had such a fun time today at her first float! We were so impressed with the quality of the facility and the float baby program! We can't wait to come back! Thanks again!

    Piper, 3 Months

  • As a clinical psychologist and client, I believe this is an amazing experience for mother and child. Zander loved every experience and had growth spurts after each session. It was also a wonderful bonding experience for us and support system for me as a new mother. I can't say enough good things about Float Baby. It has my full stamp of approval!

    Rose, Mom of 4 month old

  • Victoria loves her pampering time! Thank you Kristi! Can't wait for our float Monday!

    Veronica, Mom of 4 month old

  • My doctor keeps telling me to find my daughter a “movement program” and they just don’t exist for this age! Thank you for today, she fell asleep the minute the car turned on and is still asleep, 2 hours later!

    Cara, Mom of 6 Month Old With DS

  • Tallulah had so much fun~ we will be back Saturday!

    Michele, Mom of 2 month old

  • My baby slept through the night and had a much-needed bowel movement after our session. Love what you are doing here! Looking forward to another session.

    Jana, Mom of 4 Month Old

  • After floating, my baby doesn't just sleep better, she sleeps healthier. I can tell after a session that she is in the deepest level of sleep possible which is so important for brain development.

    Sandra, 10 weeks

  • When our 6 week old was fussy we saw the news introduce float baby and we decided to give it a go. Our restless child took a dip and she was hooked! The owner is the sweetest to both the parents and children. We felt completely welcomed and can't wait to bring baby #2!

    Jennifer, 6 Weeks

  • Thank you, Kristi for Saturday's session. Everly loved it!
    You are so good with her.

    Elizabeth, 10 Weeks

  • Zoey loved her spa day! Thank you for such an amazing time!!

    Mom, 2 Months

  • Sofía loved it. Float baby is the best!!!

    MK, 2 Months

  • I wish they were here in Maryland where I live. But my visit was fantastic and the owner, she is amazing! My daughter loved the floating and the massage techniques are good bonding time for us her at home after bath time.

    Regina, 2 Months

  • I originally came to Float Baby thinking it would be a fun activity outside of the house for my 3 month old twin boys. I was looking for something that would be good for their cognitive development without being over-stimulating. Seeing their faces light up in excitement when they realized that they could move about so freely in the water was such a delight. They fell soundly asleep after their float and massage and went home happy and content. We've been coming back ever since. It is the perfect balance of activity and relaxation for my boys. We love it.

    Macy, Mom of 3 month old twins

  • Honestly one of the best things I've done for my baby! She loves being in the warm water and floating around the little pool. She will just laugh and smile while I talk to her. She also love her little feet being rubbed with the oil. She sleeps so much better after a trip to floatbaby.

    Katherine, 2 Months

  • My daughter loved everything about it. Just to keep you posted…I thought I’d brag about the 10 hours she slept that night and the 11 the following night! She was super relaxed and happy after floating.

    Olivia, Mom of 3 Month Old

  • Our son has torticollis on the left side of his neck. With going to Float Baby for a week I have seen a major improvement. As you can tell (photo posted on Float Baby Facebook Page) he has more space now between his shoulder and neck. Within the week that we were at Float Baby, Hunter gained 5 degrees of rotation. This is amazing because we were told he would have to have surgery to correct this problem.... after seeing float baby on TV Hunter and I packed our bags and headed to Houston (we're from Ga). I would not trade our experience for anything in the world and I am so glad God put this and Kristi in our lives! Thank you Kristi for everything

    Carla, 11 Months

  • We LOVE it here! Kristi is an amazing instructor and I love the fact that the classes are hands-on. Great for baby bonding. The class atmosphere is also extremely relaxed and everyone is made to feel very welcome. If you have a baby, give it a go, if anything, just for the cute photo opportunity!

    Zara, 12 Weeks

  • I've been taking my twins to Float Baby since they first opened; my twins were six months old. The floating was great for letting them move freely and develop coordination and muscle control. One of my boys was typically done after ten minutes or so and the other, who was always behind his brother in motor skills, loved the freedom of being supported by the water and happily kicked about longer. They both slept wonderfully the night after a session at Float Baby. The infant massage was fabulous for teaching me skills to soothe them between floating sessions and I loved having time to chat with other parents of infants and know I'm not alone. I've made lasting, dear friends at Float Baby and I recommend it to everyone I know.

    Dr. Martha Growden, Mom of 6 month old twins

  • My daughter and I had an amazing experience. Much to my surprise she did not cry or get upset, she floated in the warm water like a pro! I feel as though I enjoyed the float baby as much as she did. I feel like it helps with bonding in a safe and fun environment. After we left float baby, my daughter slept like a rock! We will be going back and bringing some friends along with us. I would also like to say that while I lived in Japan I saw this going on and thought it was amazing. I am very excited that it is finally making its way to the states.

    Katherine, Mom of 2 month old

  • We had the best time at Float Baby this past weekend! Olivia had a long nap as soon as we drove away and ate like a champ when she woke up. Thanks again! We look forward to our next visit!!

    Judy, 9 Weeks