Kristi Ison_Founder of Float Baby Houston_Water Therapy for InfantsKristi Ison, Founder of Float Baby

Kristi Ison is a married mother of two and a baby expert. She is a Certified Instructor of Infant Massage and she lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband, Stuart, and their two teenage children, Olivia Stuart and Ben. As an experienced mom, she knows just how overwhelming it is for a mommy struggling with her newborn’s sleep schedule, eating habits, and fussiness.

In fact, when her 3 year old was still waking up twice every night, she was convinced that there must be something clinically wrong. After a midnight visit to Texas Children’s Emergency Room, she was assured by doctors that nothing was wrong with her child and better sleep routines were suggested… Seriously?? After researching floating and infant massage, Kristi combined all the wonderful benefits of both and founded Float Baby in an effort to help other mom’s avoid what she experienced.

Kristi worked in the medical device industry for more than 18 years, specializing in unique technology and start up companies. With the launch of her most ambitious project yet, Kristi’s goal is to provide Houston babies and their families with the many benefits that Float Baby can offer. Join us for a class today!