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Program Information 

You may be asked to move your class time.  Early socialization is important therefore we will attempt to place singles into a class with others. If your schedule is flexible and allows for the change, your baby may enjoy it more!

Minnows Class 60 min.~ 2 weeks to 8 weeks

This class offers both Floating and Infant Massage Instruction.  Our newborn classes provide a slower pace both for new moms and baby.  Kristi Ison, Founder of Float Baby, personally teaches these classes.  You will benefit from the extra advice, tips and tricks that she will share with you to ease your transition into motherhood and out of the first 8 weeks.  Knowing this can be an isolating, frustrating, confusing time, Kristi covers everything from the best apps, fastest way to burp a baby, 5 words that your baby will say to let you know what they need, uses for breast milk, how to eliminate newborn gas, identify reflux, how much to feed your baby, how to get your baby to stop crying and more.  This is a must have class for anyone wanting to learn more and socialize with other mommies in the same boat.  We limit this class to 8 weeks of age for several reasons: 1) we like to keep all un-immunized friends together, 2) we like the mommies to share and support each other during this difficult phase, 3) after 8 weeks the babies are ready to move on to a more social environment with the older friends!  Please book your baby in the appropriate age group, adjusted age for preemies.    Parents, dress in layers, room kept at a warm temperature.

Whales Class 60 min.~ 9 weeks to 6 months

This class offers both Floating and Infant Massage Instruction. Our regular classes are social and fun!  Parents in this phase have emerged from what we like to refer to as “the gauntlet”, aka the first 8 weeks.  Babies enjoy watching each other, mimicking movements and attempting to roll over.  Prepare to laugh, share and learn more about useful products in these classes.  Babies who have been coming regularly (i.e. weekly) are allowed to Float beyond 6 months if they still fit and they still enjoy it.  Your instructor will let you know if you are getting close to graduating.  We will not allow you to purchase a package if we feel that your baby will graduate within the upcoming 4 weeks.  Please do not purchase a package at any time if you do not plan to come regularly.  Single sessions are best used for uncertain schedules.

Gassy & Chatty: Newborn Tips with Friends 45 min. ~ 2 weeks to 5 months

Have a gassy baby that needs some relief?   Join us on Friday’s for tummy massage, positioning and techniques where we walk you through how to get rid of gas today and manage it moving forward. Newborn questions and answers in a group can be helpful for new mommies! This is not a Floating class.


Program Pricing

$25 Gassy & Chatty: Newborn Tips with Friends (2 weeks – 5 mo)

$65 Minnow Class (2 weeks – 8 weeks), Single Baby 

$68 Minnows Twins Class (2 weeks – 8 weeks)

$69 Whales Class (9 weeks – 6mo), Single Baby 

$74 Whales Twins Class (9 weeks – 6mo) 

$245 Package of 4 Whales Class (9 weeks – 6mo), Single Baby

$267 Package of 4 Whales Twins Class (9 weeks – 6mo)

Please note~ Twins pricing is for actual twins, not cousins or close friends.  Private Sessions are for one family and child/children only, not a group of unlimited friends.  Auto Cancellation without a refund will result if scheduled this way.