Float Baby

By Appointment Only.

6516 Del Monte Drive
Houston, Texas 77057

Monday-Friday 9am-2:30pm.          Saturday 9am – 4pm.         Closed Sunday.

Babies must be between 2 weeks and 6.5 months of age (or 20lbs) to attend.  Babies older than 6.5 months with exceptions must be approved in advance by management.  No refunds for babies booked older than 6.5 months of age without approval.  This is for the safety of your baby.


Franchising is only offered in the United States.  To request an application, please fill out the Contact Us form below. Be sure to include your city of interest in your message.

Purchase our Floatation Ring

The Hoverfish® Floatation Device is only available for purchase by approved International Baby Spas.  To become an approved spa, please fill out the Contact Us form below.  Be sure to include your country and spa name.  

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