WE ONLY ACCEPT BABIES 6 MONTHS AND UNDER unless you have called and discussed your specific needs for an older baby with the owner, Kristi Ison. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN AND YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE on the day of your class if prior arrangements have not been made. This is for the SAFETY of your baby. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our program is developed for babies who are 2 weeks – 6 months of age (in general). If your baby was born PRE-TERM, please call us to discuss appointments beyond the age of 6 months. Many of our clients have circumstances that allow for Float Baby sessions beyond 6 months and we want to hear yours. Parents of children (up to 18mo) who are working on movement challenges please call to discuss goals and make an appointment. Although most of our Float Babies love floating the first time, it may take a time or two for some friends to become adjusted. Just like swim lessons, it’s not all acquired in one session. Keep coming! We encourage weekly visits to maintain routine for your baby and allow for them to gain the full long-term benefits this program has to offer. 

It is safe to schedule your first visit after the remaining umbilical cord is gone.  Swim diapers and warm towels are provided.

Weigh In & Suit Up: Everyone wants to know how much their baby weighs. Each week we will let you know! Warm scales are always available if you want to just pop in and find out. Freshly laundered (in chemical free ozone) swim diapers are provided after weighing according to your baby’s lovie thigh size.

Go For A Float: Warm, purified water awaits after being fitted with the proper size Float Baby device (not for sale). Kick, splash & twist about for up to 20-25 minutes. Enjoy playing with your baby during this time and OF COURSE, photos are always allowed. *Video taping the entire session is not allowed as it interferes with class flow, other guests privacy, and proprietary processes of Float Baby.

Warm Up & Rub Down: What’s a warm Float without a warm towel to follow? Made from organic Bohemian Bamboo that is both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, your baby will be all smiles after being swaddled in one of these. These magical towels also block certain UV rays and are useful for trips to the beach or lake! For sale in the store. Infant Massage instruction from our certified instructor will follow, 20-25 minutes.

Chat & Snack: Who’s hungry? Your baby, most likely. Relax and plan to feed your little one while socializing with the other parents before you head home. Complimentary coffee, tea, sparkling water and soft drinks available for you.

Rules: PLEASE come no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled session to allow the class before you to finish up and for us to prepare for your baby’s session. No outside food as we don’t want to expose our little friends who may have unknown food allergies. Please limit your group to three (3) adults total per baby. If you have extended family and would like to bring them, please call us ahead of time to request. We like to keep the sessions small and quiet for our tiny clients but we do understand that your family most likely wants to enjoy this amazing experience. Please, no siblings or guests under 12 years of age. You will be asked to reschedule your visit, without a refund, if any of your guests are younger than 12. This policy is on behalf of our insurance carrier and we thank you in advance for understanding. This applies even if you plan to bring a nanny or family member to attend to the younger guest. Private sessions are ideal if you would like to include siblings or a larger group. Video taping your ENTIRE session will not be allowed as it interferes with class flow, privacy of other guests and proprietary processes of Float Baby.  No exceptions. If you cancel prior to the 6 hour cancellation policy you will not be charged for this visit. If you cancel less than 6 hours prior to your visit, your class will not be rescheduled and the purchase will not be credited towards a future class or refunded.

How Your Baby Benefits

  • Muscular and skeletal strength are increased
  • Subtle water pressure on chest increases lung capacity, strengthening respiratory system
  • Regular sessions benefit the cardiovascular system and improve blood flow to the heart
  • Cognitive development is increased with critical cross crawl patterns, allowed with our unique device

Additional Needs

Children who have, but not limited to, the following diagnoses below can benefit from this form of exercise and massage. Physician release to participate may be required.

  • Down syndrome
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Anomalies of the brain and spinal cord
  • Movement disorders
  • Cerebral palsy