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Our Facility


Every baby floats in their own clean tub of fresh water. The water is changed and tubs are cleaned after each baby which assures the safest experience for your little one. Babies will float alone unless there is a specific request (twins, multiples) to float together.

Laundered Towels & Swim Diapers

Absolute cleanliness is our goal. Our laundry purifying equipment uses the same technology previously available only to hospitals, hotels, and commercial laundromats. We are able to sanitize our laundry without any chemicals or additives that detergents leave behind. This guarantees that your baby will experience only the freshest laundered items.

Quality of Towels & Swim Diapers

Our luxurious handmade Bohemian Bamboo towels are both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Also known to block certain UV rays, they are useful for trips to the beach or lake!  These towels provide the ultimate softness to your baby’s skin.

Our monogrammed swim diapers snap down the side for quick removal when floating is finished. Made with a waterproof outer layer, super absorbent inner layer and wick-away lining next to baby’s skin. We have various sizes available to accommodate each client as they grow every week. Woven nylon, coated poly, cotton terry combined means no other diaper is necessary.

Air Quality

Our continuous air purification system actively produces hydro peroxides that sanitize and eliminate contaminants in the air. Winner of two national indoor air quality technology awards, this system provides 99% elimination of MRSA, flu virus, streptococcus, tuberculosis and more. This means that all odors, air pollutants, VOCs, smoke, mold spores, bacteria or viruses are protected against for your baby’s ultimate float experience.

Hand Sanitizing

We ask that everyone utilize our automatic hand sanitizer after entering the facility. According to the Center for Disease Control, sanitizers with alcohol solutions containing more than 60% alcohol are most effective. Our sanitizer contains 70% Isopropyl alcohol as its active ingredient, special emollients and a fresh mint scent. It is the preferred solution for many clinical and medical applications. Routine (and required) hand sanitizing will help to protect our little clients against bacteria including MRSA and VRE, HEP B, HEP C, mycobacterium tuberculosis, influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus.