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 European Formulas

 Float Baby carries Hipp (U.K. & Dutch) and Holle (Cow & Goat). We also have the Specialty Formulas from Hipp (Hypoallergenic and Anti-Reflux).  We carry the Holle Rice and Oatmeal Cereals. Please check our store inventory online or call for availability before coming to purchase.  While we have a healthy supply on most days, we don’t want to disappoint in the event we are low or out of the product you are needing.  No European baby formulas are approved by the FDA.  

We encourage all of our customers to keep a TWO BOX STOCK in their pantry at all times.  This will prevent last minute emergencies and the possibility that you may have to purchase a grocery store brand that may not agree with your baby’s tummy.

New customers will be allowed to purchase a maximum of 2 boxes on the first order and a max of 6 boxes per month thereafter.  This is to ensure that everyone has enough formula for their LO’s.  We hope that you will create an account online to take advantage of our 5% rebate on all purchases.

Orders placed online will be pulled and ready for pick up anytime during store hours.  Shipping is available at check out as well for all clients within the U.S.  Many of our local clients use Favor as a handy resource for delivery.