Mom, 8 weeks

I asked my pediatrician about Float Baby and he said that the Float Baby water program will allow muscles to be used that aren't otherwise exercised before crawling.

Sandra, 10 weeks

After floating, my baby doesn't just sleep better, she sleeps healthier. I can tell after a session that she is in the deepest level of sleep possible which is so important for brain development.

Zara, 12 Weeks

We LOVE it here! Kristi is an amazing instructor and I love the fact that the classes are hands-on. Great for baby bonding. The class atmosphere is also extremely relaxed and everyone is made to feel very welcome. If you have a baby, give it a go, if anything, just for the cute photo opportunity!

Regina, 2 Months

I wish they were here in Maryland where I live. But my visit was fantastic and the owner, she is amazing! My daughter loved the floating and the massage techniques are good bonding time for us her at home after bath time.

Katherine, 2 Months

Honestly one of the best things I've done for my baby! She loves being in the warm water and floating around the little pool. She will just laugh and smile while I talk to her. She also love her little feet being rubbed with the oil. She sleeps so much better after a trip to floatbaby.

Rachel, 4 Months

Baby Conrad loved his experience today! He was absolutely content during his time in the water. It made my heart happy knowing the positive stimulation he was receiving. This is especially great for muscular and neurological development!

MK, 2 Months

Sofía loved it. Float baby is the best!!!

Elizabeth, 10 Weeks

Thank you, Kristi for Saturday's session. Everly loved it!

You are so good with her.

Piper, 3 Months

Charlotte had such a fun time today at her first float! We were so impressed with the quality of the facility and the float baby program! We can't wait to come back! Thanks again!

Carla, 11 Months

Our son has torticollis on the left side of his neck. With going to Float Baby for a week I have seen a major improvement. As you can tell (photo posted on Float Baby Facebook Page) he has more space now between his shoulder and neck. Within the week that we were at Float Baby, Hunter gained 5 degrees of rotation. This is amazing because we were told he would have to have surgery to correct this problem.... after seeing float baby on TV Hunter and I packed our bags and headed to Houston (we're from Ga). I would not trade our experience for anything in the world and I am so glad God put this and Kristi in our lives! Thank you Kristi for everything