Kathy, 6 months

I just want to thank Float Baby for helping with the development of my Baby Gavin. My husband and I noticed that Gavin was not sitting up or crawling like some babies that were born in the same time frame. We were concerned and researched Float Baby. We learned that Float Baby would help with muscular strength and cognitive development. Gavin went to Float Baby for several sessions and had great improvement each time. Now Gavin is almost 1 year old and just about to take his first steps!! Thank you Kristi! Float Baby was a lifesaver!!

Noemi, Mom of 2 month old

As a new mom I want to provide my little one with all the necessary tools to develop and grow as best he can. When my sister showed me this method I thought it was cute to see babies float like that. But after reading the benefits I had to try it out. Both my husband and I left pleased and wanting to go back! Of course our baby boy is too. He left so relaxed and I noticed he cried less that night. Thank you so much for providing us parents with this method to help our little ones grow strong and healthy!

Mandy, Mom of 4 month old

I sought out Float Baby as a remedy for my daughter's tummy problems (crankiness, gassiness, constipation, etc.). And her relief from these was almost immediate! I stayed at Float Baby because there were so many additional benefits~ socialization with other babies, independence of movement before she learned to crawl, "mommy (or daddy) and me time", and most important, she enjoyed her time there!

Dr. Martha Growden, Mom of 6 month old twins

I've been taking my twins to Float Baby since they first opened; my twins were six months old. The floating was great for letting them move freely and develop coordination and muscle control. One of my boys was typically done after ten minutes or so and the other, who was always behind his brother in motor skills, loved the freedom of being supported by the water and happily kicked about longer. They both slept wonderfully the night after a session at Float Baby. The infant massage was fabulous for teaching me skills to soothe them between floating sessions and I loved having time to chat with other parents of infants and know I'm not alone. I've made lasting, dear friends at Float Baby and I recommend it to everyone I know.

Rose, Mom of 4 month old

As a clinical psychologist and client, I believe this is an amazing experience for mother and child. Zander loved every experience and had growth spurts after each session. It was also a wonderful bonding experience for us and support system for me as a new mother. I can't say enough good things about Float Baby. It has my full stamp of approval!

Dad, 3 mo

My wife took my daughter today and she says it was a great experience. I missed it due to work, but I will be recommending it to everyone.

Veronica, 3 mo

Best part of our visit, her calming massage of course!

Isabel, 2 mo

Thank you for a wonderful class. Our little one would not stop "talking" about his adventure when he arrived home.

Jennifer, 6 Weeks

When our 6 week old was fussy we saw the news introduce float baby and we decided to give it a go. Our restless child took a dip and she was hooked! The owner is the sweetest to both the parents and children. We felt completely welcomed and can't wait to bring baby #2!

Veronica, Mom of 4 month old

Victoria loves her pampering time! Thank you Kristi! Can't wait for our float Monday!