Mom, 2 Months

Zoey loved her spa day! Thank you for such an amazing time!!

Mom, 4 Months

Lily not only had fun today, she has taken the best nap ever!

Judy, 9 Weeks

We had the best time at Float Baby this past weekend! Olivia had a long nap as soon as we drove away and ate like a champ when she woke up. Thanks again! We look forward to our next visit!!

Helen, Mom of 4 month old

Ashley took the longest nap today after floating... 3 hours!!

Michele, Mom of 2 month old

Tallulah had so much fun~ we will be back Saturday!

Macy, Mom of 3 month old twins

I originally came to Float Baby thinking it would be a fun activity outside of the house for my 3 month old twin boys. I was looking for something that would be good for their cognitive development without being over-stimulating. Seeing their faces light up in excitement when they realized that they could move about so freely in the water was such a delight. They fell soundly asleep after their float and massage and went home happy and content. We've been coming back ever since. It is the perfect balance of activity and relaxation for my boys. We love it.

Katherine, Mom of 2 month old

My daughter and I had an amazing experience. Much to my surprise she did not cry or get upset, she floated in the warm water like a pro! I feel as though I enjoyed the float baby as much as she did. I feel like it helps with bonding in a safe and fun environment. After we left float baby, my daughter slept like a rock! We will be going back and bringing some friends along with us. I would also like to say that while I lived in Japan I saw this going on and thought it was amazing. I am very excited that it is finally making its way to the states.

Rhia, Mom of 4 month old

Our son was colicky and did not sleep well. We found our float baby sessions immensely helpful in helping him feel less fussy and sleep better. I also found it nice to be with the other moms during this time. As we learned different massage techniques (that we still use today and our son is one), we could ask each other questions and give/get advice from people going through the same situations.

Sophia & Jared, MOM OF 3 MONTH OLD

We absolutely loved the idea of engaging our baby in novel stimulation that encourages independence and discovery. Your insight into what makes babies smile (and tired) is exceptional! Although Luke only played in the float for a little while, the engaging massage and encounter with friends left him ready for a nice long nap. Wish you best in your adventure~ we hope to be back soon!

Jana, Mom of 4 Month Old

My baby slept through the night and had a much-needed bowel movement after our session. Love what you are doing here! Looking forward to another session.